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Birkebeiner 2015

News • February 13, 2015 • Written by: skierg96

It was another great day of racing for the UofA Nordic Academy Bears and another year in the books at the Birkie.  The day started out just like a typical Birkie with dear mother nature reminding us that we can not control the conditions out on the trails.  After almost having to cancel the race due to lack of snow, the previous week, the trails received almost a foot of snow the night before the race.  Weather/snow challenges are a typical Birkie experience and this year was to be no different.  The racers now had to face the challenge of getting to the race on snowy roads followed by a long day on ungroomed trails.  The skiers showed patience, perseverance and a whole lot of speed in three race distances. With fresh powder annihilating the trail, starts were pushed back an hour while trail crews worked to have at least part of the courses groomed for racing. However this did not phase UofA’s racers with medals being obtained on the day, and a whole lot of fun skiing was had. Coach Kennedy managed to muster up enough strength to compete in the 13k, pulling off an amazing finish.  For a full set of results, go to zone4.com.


  1. Ana Lucas: 31k; 534th overall, 50th in age group (Sit-ski)
  2. Colleen Mortimer: 55k w/pack; 2nd overall and for women, 1st in age group
  3. Adrienne Dunbar: 55k Lite; 31st Overall, 2nd in age group, 5th for women
  4. Kathryn Stone: 13k; 3rd Overall, 1st in age group and for women
  5. Jenny Patterson: 31k; 72nd overall, 4th in age group, 19th for women
  6. Jessie Patterson: 31k; 35th overall, 2nd in age group , 6th for women
  7. Freya Hik: 31k; 25th overall , 2nd in age group, 4th for women
  8. Kes Carson: 31k; 57th overall, 4th in age group, 14th for women


  1. Ragnar Robinson: 13k; 2nd overall and for men, 1st in age group
  2. Connor Speer: 31k; 3rd overall and for men, 2nd in age group
  3. Ryan Alexandruk: 31k; 16th overall, 5th in age group, 14th for men
  4. Abram Meagher: 31k; 2nd overall and for men, 1st in age group


  1. Michael Kennedy: 13k; 18th overall, 1st in age group, 8th for men

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