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Red Deer Alberta Cup 5/6…and more!

News • January 31, 2016 • Written by: skierg96

It has been an eventful year so far for the University of Alberta Nordic Ski Team, and we are only one month into 2016! This month we have participated in multiple races and loppets including Troll in the Park Loppet, the Camrose University Team Sprint, Pembina Nordic 40th Anniversary Loppet, Athabasca Loppet, and most recently Alberts Cups 5/6 in Red Deer! We have experienced everything this past month in our races across the province from freezing to sweat pouring temperatures, icy to fluffy snow, big hills to flat plains, and ice beards to rosy cheeks. Along with the results I will update you on below, some of the results will be available at the following links. Go Golden Bears and Pandas, and God speed!

Athabasca Loppet:


Alberta Cup 5:


Alberta Cup 6:


Troll in the Park Loppet:

Women’s 5km:

1.Freya Hik; 1st

Men’s 10km:

1.Connor Speer; 7th

2. Abram Meagher; 6th

Pembina Nordic Loppet:

Women’s 13km:

  1. Freya Hik; 2nd & 2nd

Men’s 26km:

  1. Connor Speer; 6th
  2. Abram Meagher; 2nd

Athabasca Loppet:

Women’s 10km:

  1. Adrienne Dunbar


  1. Connor Speer; 20km; 6th
  2. Kyle Melnyck; 20km; 9th
  3. Abram Meagher; 10km; 2nd

Alberta Cup 5: Interval Skate 10km


  1. Kat Stone; Senior Women; 1st
  2. Freya Hik; Senior Women; 2nd


  1. Conor Speer; Senior Men; 9th
  2. Abram Meagher; Junior Men; 1st

Alberta Cup 6: Mass Start Classic 10km


  1. Freya Hik; Senior Women; 1st


  1. Connor Speer; Senior Men; 5th
  2. Abram Meagher; Junior Men; 3rd

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