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Haywood Nationals Thunder Bay 2015

News • March 17, 2015 • Written by: skierg96

A team sprint, and two interval middle distance starts. These were the events that the UofA Nordic Academy competed in against the nation and its Universities this past weekend at the annual Haywood Nationals in Thunder Bay. The Lappe trail system proved to be a challenging one with heart stopping downhills, quick footing corners, and climbs so painful that one of them is rightly named “The Grunt”. These factors did not daunt the UofA team though, who took on all the challenges the course threw at them and succeeded in great racing and results. For a full set of results, click on the links attached to each of the days below.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

CCUNC Free Technique Team Sprints


  1. Abram Meagher/Lukas Mark; 6th
  2. Connor Speer/Ryan Alexandruk; 12th

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Free Technique Interval Start



Women’s 5km:

  1. Freya Hik: Overall JrWomen, 25th; CCUNC, 27th

Men’s 10km:

  1. Connor Speer: Overall SrMen, 55th; CCUNC, 31st
  2. Abram Meagher: Overall JrMen, 11th; CCUNC, 10th

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Classic Technique Interval Start



Women’s 10km:

  1. Freya Hik: Overall JrWomen, 24th; CCUNC, 28th

Men’s 15km:

  1. Connor Speer: Overall SrMen, 58th; CCUNC, 32nd
  2. Ryan Alexandruk: Overall SrMen, 59th; CCUNC, 33rd
  3. Abram Meagher: Overall JrMen, 16th; CCUNC, 19th

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